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Tri-State Alaskan Malamute Club

The Tri-State Alaskan Malamute team needs your help.  Please let us know what talents, resources, time, etc that you may be able to contribute.  If we all work together we can continue to host the type of events you have come to expect from TSAMC.

There are many ways that people can help grow the Tri-State Alaskan Malamute club.  Over the years the club has been very dynamic molded by the strengths and ideas of the members.  Therefore, this page is mostly ideas of how people can help the club not really mandates of how things need to be.  If you have strengths or ideas please do not hesitate to let us know.  The following is a list of things that need to be done:

Web site, I would gladly turn this over to someone with more skills in this area.

Contact lists, maintain a complete list of everyone that participates in the events, past and current members.

Mailings, e-mail and post mail updates and notifications sent to members and participants.

Event Results, the results all need to be manually entered.  I have an excel spread sheet that I enter everything into but have always envisioned that this could be a database all integrated with the contact list and web page.

Articles, over the years, we have had members that have written good articles.  Or if you find something that would be good to publish plesae check with the author for permission and then get it to the web master.

Equipment, all of our equipment could use some work and maintenance:

Painting - fencing, fence posts, poster board stands, scale post and etc.

Fence posts - if we had a second set of holes drilled in the posts we wouldn't need to worry about how they are set up. Anyone that has helped set up the course knows about this.

Spectator barriers - I have always wanted to drill a set of holes in the extended end of our fence posts that we could insert a fiber glass fence post and then string construction tape between them.  I already have some of the posts.  This is only an idea, other ideas are welcome.

Poster boards - we need some more boards made up with the grid lines.

Donations, of course TSAMC could always use monetary donations.  Most of the expenses of the club are covered by entry fees but with the economy the way it is participation in the events is down and therefore so is the treasury.  Donations can be given to Helen Schultz.

Thank You! There are many people to thank and if I try to list them I will miss someone. We want to thank all of our volenteers for their hard work