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The Thuot Family Considers Themselves Pro Poop Scoopers

Member Spotlight: By Rhonda Schrader

CAPTION FOR PHOTO: Sarah and Paul Thuot have been TSAMC members for 5
years. Paul is on the Board for TSAMC and Sarah is Secretary/Vice President

PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Linda Bates, Photo manipulation by Rhonda Schrader

Paul, Sarah, Andy (9yr) and Becky (7yr) Thuot are not just your regular dog loving family. They currently reside in Lodi, WI, but their house is for sale (with 10 malamute size runs if you are interested) and they are hoping to move north where there is more snow to enjoy with their mals. They have been TSAMC members for approximately 5 years. Paul is on the board of
directors and Sarah is Secretary/Vice President of SCAMP, Inc.

Lucky enough to reside at the Thuots home are 13 dogs and 3 foster dogs.  They have been owned by mals for a wee 6 years. Also, among all those mals is a golden retriever who "is so old he farts dust," says Sarah. They also have a house cat who is named Rou short for Russian Roulette, "it's a game
of chance if your a cat living in our house with 4 other dogs and us!"

Their kennel name is Anemikamek's Malamutes. That means "dog kennel" in Ojibwa. When asked why they became interested in malamutes, they stated, "We thought they were cool looking-really, we wanted a different type of dog that would be good with our kids and had a great temperment."

What sets the Thouts apart from most mal owners is the proud fact that they have only purchased 2 mals and the rest of the mals in their kennel are rescue dogs, "we do not breed any of our dogs, and are as proud of our throw-aways as those with ring champions-after all, a Malamute is still a
Malamute." What a great thing to be able to say about ones kennel.

What keeps them busy is activities they enjoy with their mals which are weight pulling, recreational sledding, doing public service visits to nursing homes, elderly centers, schools, family reunions, fundraisers and community service. When asked what tests their strength about owning a mal
they said, "Constant testing of our kennel security, thus resulting in a hobo looking patch job on all the runs. Giving you the 'huh' look all the time-standing in front of the sledge line barking and wagging their tails
until time is called and then flying down the course at you. Eats poop and then licks my face."

One mal characteristic that they just love is a mals sense of humor, "they get squirrelly and jump on your lap and don't think twice about it." The major thing that drives Thuots nuts is the fur, "I've often thought of
polyurathaning every single one so I never have to deal with another hair."

Paul and Sarah are from Wausau, WI and have been together 18 year. They met in high school, got married, moved to Lodi, WI, had dogs and then kids.  Other activities they enjoy without dogs are wilderness camping, fishing, rennovating old homes, backpacking, and kids sports. Paul is a 'Tim the tool man', and Sarah enjoys making hand made quilts.

When asked what their profession is, "We are pro poop scoopers!" Actually, Paul is division manager of the roofing program at Waunakee Remodeling, and Sarah works in the Cognitive Development Disabilities program at Waunakee Intermediate School.

If someone was contemplating getting a Mal, They would say, "Why???, then... Why only one?? We scare the people off at first, then, if they are still interested, tell them the good stuff." Also, they take pride in the fact that they have a natural ability to take in the worst abused dogs and bring the dog out of its shell.

"We have learned Malamutes are a disease-they infest your skin, and survival without multitudes is slim to none. The side effects are expensive and irritating but withdrawal symptoms are unimaginable. Therefore, one must learn to live with the affliction and continue to aquire Mal's as
needed," they say. So you see, they are the kind of family that every dog longs to be a part of.

Welcome to the Tri-State Alaskan Malamute Club

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