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TSAMC Weight Pull Point System

Earnings points:

Points are earned at any TSAMC Point sanctioned weight pull event.
Five points are awarded to any dog that pulls at least one round of equal to or greater weight than the qualifying weight for its weight class.  See weight Pull Rules for Qualifying weight.
One point is awarded for each dog that a dog places ahead of.
Example: If there are 20 dogs in a class then 1st place will get:  5 points for entering the event and successfully pulling at least one round + 19 points for each of the dogs that it placed ahead of = 24 total points.  Similarly 2nd place will get 23 points and so on.

Points Totals:

Points are accumulated throughout the season and each dog's total points are listed on the event results pages.

Points adjustment:

Although we would like to see every competitor at every weight pull we understand that is very difficult.  Even if a dog does make every event they sometimes have off days where they just don't do well.  The purpose of the Points Adjustment is to make it possible for dogs that miss an event or have a bad day to still be in the points race.
How it works: The Adjustment that is used is the lowest point score for that dog from any one event of the season even if it is a zero.  Therefore, a dog is not penalized for missing only one event.
This adjustment is calculated and displayed in the points totals page after the final event of the season.


TSAMC Elite handlers: The first year a handler has a dog that finishes in the top three of its weight class for the season that handler wins choice of an embroidered coat, jacket or vest.
Each first, second and third place dog earns a paw patch embroidered with the dogs name and season year.