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Submitted by Lori A. Brinkley

End of Year Results

Once again the club had a very good year. Overall, we all had fun. This year, we sponsored six weight pulls, one outing, and one race.

The season started on Nov. 12 & 13, 1994 at Ft. McCoy, near Sparta, WI. Sat. featured a weight pull and both days featured open trails for carting or backpacking. Everyone had fun dispite the rain. Thirty-five dogs competed to a top pull of 913 lbs. on wheels. This pull was called at dusk due to Fort regulations (too bad). One dog earned a leg toward his WPD, several dogs earned regular legs toward their WWPD's, and there was only one major mishap on the trails (human member broke her leg). Just a reminder, anything can happen out on the trails, so be safe and sled/cart with a friend.

Next, was the 3rd annual Nature's Mercy Winter Celebration at the Richland County Fairgrounds outside Richland Center, WI. Twenty-six dogs competed to a top pull of 1310 lbs. on hard packed dirt, on wheels. This event features a $1.00 novice class along with a "who knows" list of prizes. Everyone always has fun and there is always a membership meeting at the home of Duane and Lori Brinkley complete with pot luck meal.

We (well John and Helen, mostly) also took in $26.00 for the WI Rescue. Pretty good for $.50 per ride. We got snow on Tuesday, otherwise the sled rides would have been canceled do to bare ground. That's cutting it close.

Onward and Eastward to the 2nd annual Sarg's Tug near Mukwonago, WI. Also, almost canceled due to bare ground, it snowed on Wednesday! It was cold and windy that day, but that didn't stop the fifty-two dogs from reaching a top pull of 890 lbs on snow. Eagle Pack donated a ton of dog food for weight and prizes that day and Steve and the club donated trophies.

When it's thirty-five degrees below zero with winds gusting to forty miles per hour, what do you do about it? Weight pull, of-course! On Saturday, Feb. 11, 1995, seventy-nine dogs braved the elements and competed to a top pull of 1610 lbs and a share of $3,000.00 and a ton of Eukanuba Original Premium. This pull was called at dark due to fireworks which have spooked the dogs in the past. Besides, like I said, it was -35F during the day, with the sun out. After dark, it was just plain dangerous!!!

On Sunday, February 12, 1995, it was much warmer than the day before, and eight teams competed in the 2nd annual Sourdough Sally race. The best time was 0:04:46.00. Of course, this time includes getting out of the sleeping bag, rolling it up, putting it in the sledbag, harnessing your dogs, hooking up your dogs, and running a 1/2 mile course. There was only one scratch. Next year, train your dogs to cross the finish line or park your truck on the other side of it. Ha! Ha!

Onward and upward (at least on a map), to Eagle River, WI, where seventy-one dogs competed for a top pull of 1790 lbs and a share of $2500.00. The wind was raw that day, but everyone had a good time once the pull got started.

Two weeks later, the season ended on a good note at the Iorartuk Memorial Weight Pull near Mishicot, WI. Maybe to be named later "The Mud Pull." Who'd have believed it would be over sixty degrees that day? Dispite the mess, thirty-five dogs competed.

Julie and Melissa also had pounded the pavement and presented a very nice hodge podge of prizes. Everyone had fun!!! Isn't that the way it should be?

Once again, we proved that owning working dogs can be fun and
entertaining (oh, and it builds character, too).


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